Nudo Adopt is a collective of small-scale artisanal groves across Italy, that produce high-quality extra virgin olive oil using authentic and sustainable practices. When you adopt an olive tree through Nudo you are helping these farmers to share their extra virgin olive oil around the world, as well as protecting their local communities and land from intensive and destructive modern farming methods.

How Adoption Works

When you adopt a tree for yourself your adoption is ongoing until choose to end it. You will receive your deliveries of 3 x 500ml/16.9floz tins of extra virgin olive oil every 3 months with a Completo ongoing adoption and 6 months with a Duo ongoing adoption. When you adopt an olive tree with Nudo, you are personally supporting a small-scale, sustainable Italian grove and you will receive updates about your tree, grove, and olive farmer regularly through the year.

Each delivery you will receive 3 x 500ml/16.9floz tins of extra virgin olive oil.

When you start an ongoing adoption the initial payment is for your first delivery, then the payment for each delivery goes out on the 1st of the month of your delivery. e.g. 1st April for the late April delivery from your tree. So, any changes to your account such as address, skipping a delivery, credit card details, must be made before the 1st of the month of your delivery.
Delivery and payment months
  • Duo, bi-annual deliveries: April and October
  • Completo, quarterly deliveries: January, April, July, and October.

Receiving a Gift Adoption

Complimenti! You just need to redeem your adoption so you can choose the grove for your tree and let us know your delivery address. Then we can start sending your oil. 
Redeem the code from your certificate here.
The gift package you have are received and the date your redeem your code will determine when your first delivery will be. You will see information on this when you redeem your gift.
This is at the bottom of your Adoption Certificate.
If you have lost your code please contact info@nudoadopt.com 
When you receive your oil depends on the package you have been gifted and when redeem your gift code.
  • Unico, 1 delivery: The end of April - redeem code before April 1st
  • Duo, 2 deliveries: You have received one oil pack with your certificate, and the next delivery will be at the end of April - redeem before April 1st
  • Completo, 4 deliveries: The end of January, April, July, and October - redeem before the 1st of the delivery month
Yes you can! Just login and you can start an adoption yourself.


We ship to most countries, so unless you live in Antarctica it’s likely you can receive Nudo oil! Domestic shipping is free for both ongoing and gifted orders.
This all depends on what package you have for your adoption:
  • Late April delivery of your tree’s oil
  • Late April delivery of your tree’s oil
  • Late October delivery of Regional oil
  • Late April delivery of Your adopted tree’s oil
  • Late July delivery of Monovarietal oil
  • Late October delivery of Regional oil
  • Late January delivery of Olio Nuovo
Yes just email us at info@nudoadopt.com if you are going away or haven’t quite finished your previous delivery and we can skip to the next season. If you need some ideas on using olive oil see our recipe page for lots of ideas.

My Account

You can change this in the My Account section, in Account information.
You can change this in the My Account section, in My Credit Cards.
You can change this in the My Account section in My Recurring Payments. Simply change your Delivery Address in your next occurring delivery. If you have trouble, just email us at info@nudoadopt.com and we can do this for you.

How Gift Adoption Works

When you gift an olive tree, you can choose from three gift packages. All recipients will be sent a welcome email immediately which includes a personalised adoption code. To start their oil deliveries they just need to go online and redeem their gift. This is when they choose the grove they would like their tree to be on.
When you gift an adoption the payment is upfront for the package you choose.

If there is anything else you need please don’t hesitate to email info@nudoadopt.com.