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September 7th - A night I will never forget
In my last blog I noted that so far this year we had been lucky not to have had any fires up in our hills.
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5 Facts about extra virgin olive oil
I love reading other people’s recipes  – I’ll browse for hours through books on Italian antipasti and spend evenings on blogs about cupcakes – and I don’t even bake!
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A quick lesson in olive oil terminology
The olive oil market is very competitive and tricksy marketers sometimes like to bamboozle customers with inaccurate or meaningless terminology.
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Spaghetti Carbonara has never tasted this good
Obviously the Italians are pasta fanatics.
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The Ultimate Tomato Sauce
'Sugo al pomodoro’ is used everywhere – on pasta, on gnocchi, on pizza and in baked dishes like melanzana parmigiana.
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