Visit Your Olive Grove

Visit Your Olive Grove
Planning a trip to italy? come and meet your olive tree!

All Nudo olive tree parents can visit their grove and meet their tree and farmer! It's the best way to appreciate the hard work and dedication to make your extra virgin olive oil and understand more about the authentic processes. 

Plus, the groves are beautiful!

Tell me about a grove visit...

Your farmer will show you around the grove and tell you all about the trees, land and processes. The trees and goings on vary through the year, so depending on when you are there you may see pruning, olive blossom, or even the oil press in action!

Nicola was a wonderful, wonderful guide.  He took the time to take us around, walking us through the olive grove and he showed us his newest addition to his grove - his bees! 
He spoke English very well and answered all of my questions.  He was very passionate about the whole experience of working with the land and you could feel it and see it in his expressive nature how working the land was his life.

Teresa Jun, parent of olive tree on Il Fico grove