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About Unico Gift Adoption
Nudo Adopt is a collaboration of small-scale olive groves in Italy’s regions of Liguria, Marche and Sicily who all share the same values of sustainable farming methods and love of fresh extra virgin olive oil. The Olive Tree Adoption program provides the farmers with economic security for their annual harvest by connecting them to food lovers around the world who will receive the fresh extra virgin olive oil from their adopted tree on the grove.



An organic olive grove is situated near Offida, Le Marche, and run by Tiziano

Farmer: Tiziano Aleandri


Located in Liguria, Bestagno is Nudo's own olive grove run by director Katharine and her son Toby.

Farmer: Toby


This organic grove is just outside Alcamo, on the Trapanese coast of Sicily and has views of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Farmer: Saverio


An organic grove near the small village of Fico, near the coast of Sicily

Farmer: Nicola


This Sicilian grove lies halfway between the Ionian sea and the Iblean mountains, near the historic city of Siracuse.

Farmer: Fracesca


This is an organically farmed and family run grove located in the beautiful Val di Noto in south eastern Sicily.

Farmer: Agnese