Impero Taggiasca Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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About Impero Taggiasca Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Leading from the piazza behind Katharine's house an old gravel road starts to wind away heading deeper into the Impero Valley. Taggiasca olive trees, some centuries old, line the road and dot the land below which slopes down towards Bestagno olive grove across the gully. When Katharine first moved here this area was an impenetrable jungle, untouched for 50 years. The team worked to restore it and bring the abandoned trees back to life by clearing the canopy of ivy and brambles which were suffocating the trees, rebuilding the crumbling terraces they grew on and pruning the trees right back to aid new growth and strong branches. Over the next few years by keeping the area maintained and applying organic fertilizer, the trees started to spring back to life. Now six years on they have had their first olive harvest in generations and the results are phenomenal.

Katharine runs Bestagno olive grove with her son Toby, a grove in Nudo's olive tree adoption program which they brought back to life and now produces award-winning extra virgin olive oil. Each year Katharine takes Bestagno's olives to be pressed at Oleificio Tallone, the small local mill run by Alessandro and his family. So this year the first olives harvested from the Impero olive trees went up alongside. Katharine made her way up to the mill the morning after harvest to see the results and found Alessandro eagerly waiting outside as arrived, brimming with excitement about the exceptional quality of the oil.

Tasting Notes:
Aromatic, grassy and with a great peppery kick, Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil is delicate and velvety with floral notes. A wonderfully versatile oil, drizzle over a salad, fish or vegetables and taste the nuances of the Taggiasca olive variety.

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