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How to cook spinach perfectly

Here's how to cook spinach to make even the most pessimistic veg eater say molto bene! It's all about the cooking method and of course the seasoning. Read on to become a master.


  • Serves 2 - 4


Spinach – 450g/1 lb Extra virgin olive oil or garlic olive oil– 1 tbsp Butter – a dollop Nutmeg – freshly grated Salt – a pinch Lemon juice – 1 tbsp


  • Wash the leaves, and dry as much as you can to avoid any extra moisture while cooking.
  • Bring a deep non-stick pan and bring it up to a medium heat.
  • First melt the butter and then mix in the olive oil. Once mixed, add handfuls of spinach to the pan until everything is distributed evenly in the pan.
  • Add your lemon juice, grated nutmeg and salt. Mix through the leaves to get the flavor to spread around.
  • Cook the spinach by mixing or tossing it, until it’s just wilted, not beyond. Watch it! It turns in a matter of seconds.
  • Immediately take off the heat and leave for a minute to stand.
  • Using tongs, gather the leaves to allow excess fluid to run off in the pan whilst serving. 
  • Enjoy straight away.