Olive Oil Stone Ground with Lemons

250ml/8.4fl.oz tin
Parent Price: £7.20


We have a fresh batch of this amazing flavoured oil on it's way from our mill in Italy to our warehouse. If you would like to add any of our flavoured oils to your purchase, your complete order will be held and shipped at the start of March when the flavoured oils arrive.  

This agrumato Sicilian lemon olive oil is a real Nudo favourite. Made by grinding fresh, whole Sicilian lemons directly with the olives in the press, the essentials oils combine to create a pure lemonly flavour with the fresh extra virgin quality olive oil.

Good In
  • Pasta
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
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About Olive Oil Stone Ground with Lemons

With an agrumato oil whole fruit is actually ground with the olives which maintains the purity and intensity of the lemon taste, giving a flavour unachievable from simply infusing. As for the olives, we make sure we use late harvest ones which have a subtler flavour, allowing the lemons to burst through for their moment in the spotlight with flavour that is deep and fresh.

Best For

Salad dressing, marinades, grilled fish, white meat and baking.


Corrado Corradini is an olive oil expert who thrives on innovation whilst using traditional olive oil methods, and these flavoured oils are the results of his talents. He mills all the oils for our shop, as well as the seasonal summer and autumn adoption oils, using olives from groves he’s worked with for years, all around Le Marche where he lives. His attention to detail combined with his passion for the Mediterranean culinary tradition have led him to very authentic olive oils, which is why we love him and his oils, and have been for over 10 years.

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