About Olive Oil

About Olive Oil
Ever since the dove brought back an olive branch to show Noah the waters were subsiding; the olive branch has been known as a symbol of peace.

There is evidence of olive trees being cultivated from the dawn of time across the Levant from Mesopotamia to Phoenicia to Greece, but no-one knows who first pressed an olive for its oil.

It was the Greeks who introduced the olive tree into Italy, but it was the Romans who were responsible for the widespread groves across Italy and France we know today.

Walking through a silent olive grove is indeed a mystical experience. These ancient trees provided oil for food and light and soothing healing oil for the earliest of civilisations.

The Italians have a wonderful phrase simply translated as 'my ancestors walked on this land' which speaks to the passage of time and the generations past who have cultivated the olive tree on their family lands.