Insalata set

1 x 250ml/8.4 fl.oz tin Extra virgin, 1 x 250ml/8.4 fl.oz tin Lemon, 1 x 250ml/8.4 fl.oz bottle Balsamic vinegar
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A trio of key salad flavours of the best quality and traditionally made: our extra virgin olive oil, Modena balsamic vinegar, and agrumato Sicilian lemon flavoured oil.
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About Insalata set
Our balsamic is made from a unique recipe, the secrets and rituals that surround the production of this balsamic vinegar have been in the Dodi family at Acetaia Dodi for over a century. Extra virgin first cold press olive oil is the freshest, purest, and highest quality oil you can get, and ours comes from small groves in Italy personally picked by us. The lemon oil is agrumato, which means the whole lemons are stoneground with the olives giving a much purer and stronger flavours than can be achieved by simple infused oils. So with this set, you are getting three of the best in one pick.
Best For
These oils and vinegar are great tossed through salads for light and fresh flavours. But also versatile throughout your cooking, not sure in Italian cuisine.
Balsamic vinegar: From Acetaia Dodi whose balsamic vinegar history dates back to 1891 in a little town in Reggio Emilia. The unique recipe has been passed down and today Dano Dodi personally watches over the balsamic vinegar, carefully decanting, tasting, and correcting it, constantly testing different procedures and flavours to perfection for you.
Extra virgin oil: Corrado Corradini mills all the oils for our shop as well as the seasonal summer and autumn adoption oils. He's an olive oil expert, using traditional methods and olives from groves he’s worked with for years, all around his home region Le Marche. His attention to detail combined with his passion for the Mediterranean culinary tradition have led him to very authentic olive oils, which is why we love him and his oils, and have been for over 10 years.