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Amble through the Groves

  • Feudo Marchesa
  • Barone Pastore
  • Aleandri
  • Bestagno
  • Nonno Tato
  • Zio Ciccino
  • Natali
  • Il Fico
Feudo Marchesa
The Grove

This Sicilian grove lies halfway between the Ionian sea and the Iblean mountains, on land that has been in the family for years. Only recently did Francesca's family decide to grow olives alongside their prized lemons and potatoes, and combining the use of the newest technology with traditional practices they are at the forefront of olive farming.

The Olive Oil

Francesca's trees grow olive varieties Cerasuola, Nocellara Etnea and Nocellara del Belice, which are all native to Sicily. They make an oil that is grassy green with hints of herbs and crunchy bell pepper. 

Feudo Marchesa Francesca profile


Francesca moved back from Milan to her family home with a mission to produce the very best olive oil around. She's taking the olive farming world by storm with her modern approach and scrupulous attention to detail.

Barone Pastore
The Grove

This organic grove is just outside Alcamo, on the Trapanese coast of Sicily. It used to be owned by the once powerful Baron Pastore, a prominent figure of the Sicilian 19th century political scene. His adjacent estate has fallen into disrepair but his trees, now in their 80s, are flourishing. The grove has views of the Tyrrhenian Sea to the north and the Zingaro Natural Reserve to the west. 

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The trees grow olive variety Cerasuola, which produce an oil that is high in polyphenols with a gold-green colour, a medium fruity profile, with the taste of just-cut grass, artichokes and tomatoes. 

Barone Pastore Saverio Profile

Meet Saverio

A Sicilian who is passionate about olive oil, wine and fruit. Saverio runs his organic olive grove as well as an organic vineyard alongside.

The Grove

This organic olive grove is situated near Offida, Le Marche, and run by Tiziano who several years ago saved the abandoned grove and brought the trees back to life. The rejuvenated trees now look out over rolling hills of vineyards which the area is most known for, however don't let that fool you as Le Marche is one of the oldest olive cultivation areas in Italy, supplying oil to Rome during the time of the Roman Empire. 

The Extra Virgin Olive oil

The trees on the Aleandri grove are Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino, Moraiolo, Maurino varieties. They produce certified organic oil with tastes of grass and herbs, with a peppery finish. 

Aleandri Tiziano profile portrait

Meet Tiziano Aleandri

Tiziano is both an olive tree pruning champion and a professional extra virgin olive oil taster. So he sure knows his stuff. His pruning talents brought the trees back from bare trunks and branches to high producing full foliage and his in depth knowledge of taste, quality, and milling produces an exceptional extra virgin olive oil.


The Grove

This is Nudo's own grove, owned and run by owner Katharine and her son Toby. The grove is set in the foothills of the Italian Alps in Liguria, the stunning Italian Riviera. To make their life more enviable,  Bestagno’s trees are clustered around the romantic ruin of Castello di Bestagno. Well worth a visit. Read the Bestagno story in The Olive Farm

The Olive oil

Bestagno groves grow Taggiasca olives, which have a grassy green colour and a taste of herbs and crunchy bell pepper.

Bestagno and Toby 5
Meet Toby

Toby has always had a love for the outdoors and Italian foods, from a young age relishing pasta, pesto, lemons, olives and olive oil. He is 24 and has autism, and not only is olive farming his natural calling but it has also really improved his life, being able to spend his time outdoors and in such a supportive community. His love of everything olives shines through in the grove and the olive oil they produce. 

Nonno Tato
The Grove

This is an organically farmed grove, located in the beautiful Val di Noto in south eastern Sicily. The land around the grove originally belonged to Agnese’s grandfather, Nonno Paulo, who divided it up between his 9 children, and this piece fell to Agnese’s father Guglielmo, now passed along to Agnese. Her father planted the olive grove 35 years ago, and although much of the olive oil produced is bagsied for their family’s sott’olios, Agnese has set aside 200 trees for adoptions with Nudo. 

The Olive oil

This oil has a delicate aroma of tomatoes, apple and banana, with many fresh green tones and a dried fruit finish. The varieties are Carolea and nocellara.

Nonno Tato Agnese Profile


Agnese's great grandfather was known as 'Cavaliere del lavoro' (Knight of work), and she is passionately following in his footsteps. 

Zio Ciccino

The Grove

Zio Ciccino is overlooked by Mount Renna down in south eastern Sicily. Guglielmo run's the grove for his brother Francesco, nicknamed Ciccino, who owns the grove, and the olive trees which were planted 20 years ago and have flourished in the Sicilian sun and Guglielmo's tending. Francesco is actually the uncle of Agnese over at Nonno Tato grove, which helps us understand where the name Zio Ciccino comes from: 'Uncle Ciccino'. 

The Olive oil

The oil from Zio Ciccino is a lovely golden green with a delicate flavour of whiffs of fresh cut grass and a distinctive artichoke taste. The tree varieties are Moresca and Cerasuola.

Zio Ciccino Guglielmo Profile


Guglielmo learnt to produce olive oil from his father and has been doing so ever since he was a child. He also gained a degree in Agronomy (the science of soil management and crop production) and uses this to produce the delicious olive oil he provides Nudo.  

The Grove

The Natali family are the proud custodians of a number of olive groves surrounding the medieval village of Civitanova Alta, near Ancona in central Italy. They have olive trees of all ages, spanning generations like the family themselves; the oldest trees were planted over 70 years ago.

The Olive oil

The olive oil from this grove is delicate with a slight sweetness, light, fruity and perfectly balanced. The olive varieties are Raggia, Raggiola and Rosciola

Natali Ivano profile


Ivano runs the Natali family grove with his daughter Chiara. They also run the local olive press so they are at the very heart of the local community at harvest time each year.

Il Fico

The grove

This organic grove is near Alcamo, on the Trapanese coast of Sicily; to the north is the Tyrrhenian Sea and to the west, the Zingaro Nature Reserve. The 300 olive trees cohabit the organic farm with an array of fruits including white & black plums, apricots, figs, pears, oranges, lemons, and grapes. It's a pretty good spot to be an olive tree. 

The Olive oil

The oil is green with golden highlights, a nose the herbal tones, and a taste that is fruity with a slight kick. The varieties are Cerasuola, nocellara and biancolilla, which are the 3 varieties which make up the DOP 'Valli Trapanesi'. They complement each other so well in the combination they've won prizes around the world, one varietal gives flavour, one fruitiness and the third the refining taste.

Il Fico Nicola Profile portrait


Originally a young Sicilian computer engineer, Nicola grew tired of working only with computers and away from nature, so decided to get back to it by managing and growing his family's lands producing organic olive oil, natural wine and honey.