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About nudo

Nudo's vision is to empower small-scale farmers to continue their sustainable olive farming practices on their groves, and help them to share their authentic, premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil with people all over the world.

The adoption program is a collaboration of these small-scale olive groves in Italy, which use low impact farming practices on their groves, protecting the land from intensive practices and protecting it for the future. They produce authentic premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil using authentic methods based on both tradition and modern technology. The program provides farmers with the economic security for their harvest each year by connecting them to food & extra virgin olive oil lovers around the world. 

Meet our olive farmers

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Nudo Adopt is the original olive tree adoption program and the leader in the field. The collaboration was started over 10 years ago by Cathy Rogers and Jason Gibb after they bought and restored an abandoned 21 acre olive grove in Le Marche. Katharine Doré took over the reigns in 2014 when she and Toby her son joined the company with their Bestagno grove. You can read the story of their grove in The Olive Farm.

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A few companies have tried to copy the Nudo idea (we can only take as a compliment!) but Nudo remains the absolute leader in the field (or grove we should say). What sets Nudo apart is that we ourselves are producers and can personally vouch for the authenticity of all of our products. We work closely with our producers and understand year on year the highs and lows they encounter bringing you the absolute highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our groves and farmers are carefully chosen and share Nudo's ethical and sustainable vision:

  • A love of quality, authentic, 100% natural food
  • Respect for sustainable and low impact farming methods and an adversity towards intensive practices
  • A dedication to communities and locally sourced ingredients
  • Fairly paid and pays fairly
  • Transparent production; you can even go and visit your tree


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