The original and Award Winning Olive Tree adoption Programme, supporting farmers for over 10 years.

About us

Nudo Adopt is a collaboration of small scale, artisanal producers. The programme is a platform for micro-producers to bring high-quality, speciality food to a wider audience. Each producer keeps responsibility for the care of their grove, garden or field and Nudo helps give security to the farmers by making the link with the customer. This in turn helps to keep traditional farming practices alive and protects the countryside from intensive and destructive modern farming methods.


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Our olive oil producers, left to right: Toby (Bestagno), Tiziano (Aleandri), Agnese (Zio Ciccino, Zia Minica, Nonno Tato), Ivano (Natali), Savario (Barone Bastore, Il Fico)

Nudo Adopt was set up ten years ago by Cathy Rogers and Jason Gibb after they had bought and restored an abandoned 21 acre olive grove in Le Marche. At the time they were real pioneers selling their own oil online, throughout the world, from their farmhouse in Le Marche. You can read Cathy and Jason's amazing story in their book Dolce Vita Dairies  - available in our web shop -

Jason Gibb and Cathy Rogers with Rosie SM

My son Toby and I joined the adoption programme in 2014 with our Ligurian Groves. You can read our story on 'The Olive Farm' section of the site. 

Katharine Jason families

Jason and Cathy with their children having lunch with Katharine and Toby at the Ligurian olive farm.


I have also joined the Nudo team as Director and am so excited to be able to share all of the news and seasonal updates from our Ligurian Olive Farm with you in Nudo's new blog as well as recipes from the Olive Farm and updates from the international world of Olive Oil. 

A few companies have tried to copy the Nudo format (a fact we can only take as a compliment!) but Nudo remains the absolute leader in the field or should that be grove?

What sets Nudo apart is that we ourselves are producers and can personally vouch for the authenticity of all of our products. We work closely with our producers and understand year on year the problems they encounter bringing you, our customers, the absolute highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Whilst Extra Virgin Olive Oil has always been the main focus of our business, Nudo also works with a small group of tea gardens in Darjeeling and we are starting to forge relationships with the producers of other high quality food products from around the world. 

Any product you buy from Nudo is exactly what it says it is on the label and we are here to vouch for that promise. 


What makes a Nudo producer?

  • A love of simple, natural food
  • A respect for traditional farming methods and an adversity towards intensive practices
  • A dedication to high quality, 100% natural, locally sourced ingredients
  • Transparent and open production – you can after all go and visit


We really welcome feedback and hearing directly from our customers and the team in the London office are always available to assist you with any queries or advice they can.

Never hesitate to get in touch with feedback or ideas. We genuinely value the relationship we have with our customers and love meeting those of you who visit our groves. 


Katharine Doré

Nudo Director & Owner of Bestagno Olive Grove

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