Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

Are you looking to give your staff, team or clients a gift that is personal, unique, lasting, and sustainable?

Gift an olive tree adoption and the recipient will receive fresh extra virgin olive oil throughout the year, straight from the grove. Plus, you will be supporting small-scale farmers in Italy, helping to protect their land and traditional farming methods. Gifts that give back.

You just choose the delivery option to gift, and the recipient gets to choose their tree.

Each option is a year long, and each delivery contains 3 x 500ml/16.9floz tins of fresh extra virgin olive oil.
Your recipient will receive a welcome pack with your personal message plus information about Nudo and their their grove.
Your recipient gets to choose their tree from our carefully selected small-scale groves in Italy which will produce their oil.
We will send regular updates from the grove through the year and they can even visit their tree!

Unico adoption: 1 oil delivery

A welcome pack with your personal message and fresh extra virgin olive oil from the adopted tree’s annual harvest sent in April.

Duo adoption: 2 oil deliveries

The welcome pack with your personal message, along with an immediate delivery of a unique extra virgin olive oil from a carefully selected grove. Plus the fresh extra virgin olive oil from the adopted tree’s annual harvest, sent in April. 

Completo adoption: 4 oil deliveries

The welcome pack with your personal message, the fresh extra virgin olive oil from the adopted tree’s annual harvest, plus three seasonal deliveries of unique extra virgin olive oil from carefully selected groves.

We can personalise a gift to suit your needs and budget. Contact us now to discuss your gifts.

Why Adoption?

Did you know that a single olive tree produces just 1.5 litres of oil each year?

This is why our adoptions are yearly, they go with the natural cycle of the trees. It is also why it’s just the April delivery that is your tree’s oil, it’s all the oil it has produced. The other seasonal deliveries you receive are from groves across Italy which we have carefully selected based on quality and variety, and above all taste. Just like wine, olive oil changes year to year affected by the climate and conditions, so with each seasonal delivery you will get something new and unique to try while your adoptive tree is growing its olives for you.  

Or give a gift of one of our Award Winning Olive Oils

For a one off option, gift one of our curated sets of extra virgin and flavoured oils, sent with a personalised message from you. Our flavoured oils are made from extra virgin olive oil with stoneground ingredients, which gives the flavours much more depth and strength than infused oils. With the range of options, choose the set perfect for your team or client’s taste.

What our Adoptive Parents Have To Say

  • It is fantastic to know that you are part of supporting the local artisanal producer while you get to enjoy the best ever olive oil!

    Diane, New York, USA

    Adoptive Parent since 2014

  • I bought the subscription as a gift for my husband, it was one the best gifts I'd ever given him – he loved getting a new stash of excellent olive oil in the mail every few months!

    Alana, London, UK

    Gift Adopter since 2014

  • Trusted source of locally produced olive oil and other products and makes me proud to have adopted an olive tree.

    Suzanne, Connecticut, USA

    Adoptive Parent since 2014

  • Absolutely love! Look forward to each delivery and tell all my friends about Nudo....keep the flavored oils coming; YUM xoxo

    Lisa, New Jersey, USA

    Adoptive Parent since 2013

  • A wonderful way of feeling connected to farmers across the world and sharing their delicious produce with family and friends.

    Francine, London, UK

    Gift Adopted since 2013

  • Nudo is the most delicious olive oil that I've had the pleasure to sample. Simply scrumptious!

    William, Massachusetts

    Gift Adopter