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We are posting this having been contacted by customers who have bought Nudo product through an American website called Bambeco and have yet to receive it. Customers are being told by Bambeco that there has been a delay in our production which is not the case. Nudo shipped the oil to the US in February, since then it has been in our warehouse waiting for payment to be made.

Having waited six months to be paid by Bambeco, Nudo has now cancelled the order meaning sadly that you will not receive your oil from Bambeco. We suggest you contact Bambeco and ask for a full refund.

We are very sorry that you have been disappointed by Bambeco.

The contact details we have are: Bambeco Director & Founder Susan Aplin :     202 277 7244

                                                             Bambeco Financial Controller Chuck Cioffi :    314 223 3618



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