Like many other industries, olive farming is becoming more intensive which is damaging to the land and to many small businesses. Groves that have been run for generations are often forced to be abandoned because they simply cannot compete.

The Nudo Adopt olive tree adoption program supports small-scale farmers on sustainable olive groves in Italy to continue their authentic practices, by providing economic stability of their harvest each year. The benefits to those who adopt an olive tree is not only enjoying premium and authentic extra virgin olive oil product from a trusted source, but the knowledge of supporting the production of this and building a connection with it.

The adoption program also give the farmers the opportunity to share their oil worldwide, where otherwise it may not have made it out of the region. The farmers have such pride in their product (as they should!), so the chance to share it with people all over the world is a stand out part of being in the Nudo community.

Watch here to learn more from our olive farmers on why the Nudo olive tree adoption program is important to them.

Help support small-scale sustainable olive farming in Italy by adopting an olive tree with Nudo Adopt.