Panettone Cake Bites With Mandarin Chocolate Ganache

Panettone Cake Bites With Mandarin Chocolate Ganache

Prep Time 20 Minutes
Serves 4
Cook Time 20 Minutes
Difficulty Easy

Panettone, the traditional Italian Christmas cake, is found in households all over the country during the festive seasons, and more recently has found fame around the world also. While it's traditional eaten simply as a slice for breakfast (or at any time of day really!), it is also makes a great ingredient. Particularly if you have leftover panettone, or you want to try something different, here's a recipe for cake bites using the cakey bread.


  • Nudo olive oil panettone - 1 quarter
  • Mandarin (or orange) - 1 small, juiced
  • Marsala liqueur - 2 tsp to sprinkle (optional)
  • For the ganache
  • Nudo olive oil with mandarins - 3 tsp
  • Organic white chocolate - 100g/3.5 oz bar
  • Double cream - 2 tbsp


Step 1
Start by peeling off the soft panettone crust. Using a sharp bread knife, cut the remaining cake in thin slices and then small cubes, placing the pieces into a mixing bowl. In a separate bowl mix the Marsala liqueur with the orange juice (optional).  Drizzle the mandarin juice mixture over the cake pieces, mixing it with a fork or your hands as you pour to spread the moisture. The cake should be moist, but not wet.
Step 2
In a bain marie or small glass bowl over a pot of hot water, melt the chocolate. Once melted, add the olive oil and stir until mixed through. Now add the cream and mix through. Take off the heat. Make 1.5 inch balls with the moist cake pieces, pressing and rolling it together in your hands. Dip and roll the balls in the chocolate ganache so that all sides are covered. Place on a baking sheet to cool and set. Chill in the fridge before serving.