When does Nudo's Olive Oil Lose its Virginity?

This is a totally reasonable question but like most things in Italy it does not have a totally straightforward answer.

Olio Nuovo is the first of Nudo's quarterly subscription deliveries and as it is unfiltered, it is Nudo's most 'rustic' oil canned, literally, just after it is made.

All of Nudo's other oils have been filtered to remove the tiny particles of olive sediment. Filtering takes time, as each producer has to carefully filter the oil over a period of weeks. Filtering removes the tiny olive particles which will, if left in a can of oil, shorten the length of time the oil retains its 'Extra Virgin' status.

Olio Nuovo should be consumed shortly after it is made as the tiny olive particles, which give it its iconic green glow, also harbour tiny particles of water and these can potentially, over time, degrade the oil. Consume your Olio Nuovo quickly after you receive it and ideally no later than six months.

If the very same oil has been filtered, it will retain its Extra Virginity for a couple of years if stored properly. This means not exposing it to light, storing it in a temperature no higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit and no contact with air - so don't leave the lid off the can, don't pour your oil into a dipping bowl unless you are going to consume the entire amount immediately and if you use a bottle or pourer for your oil on the table, only half fill it and use up the oil quickly before you refill.

Nudo's oil is premium quality - you simply won't find better. The level of antioxidants found in olive oil can vary hugely amongst the different quality oils you can buy off the shelf. Nudo's premium quality oil has the highest level of antioxidants you will find and it is the antioxidant content, or polyphenols, which are beneficial to human health and keep your oil's 'Virginity' intact for up to three years.

Simply put, if you don't know how your oil has been made and stored before you buy it, you have no idea until you taste it, if it is indeed 'Extra Virgin' and no idea as to the polyphenol or antioxidant content.

Buying directly from Nudo you can rest assured you are buying a can of Extra Virgin Olive Oil packed with health-giving antioxidants.