"The taste and aromas of unfiltered Olio Nuovo are enhanced by the tiny pieces of olive that remain after the pressing. This olive sediment is what gives Olio Nuovo its distinct cloudy appearance and its raw and rustic olivey taste. Enjoy it soon, fresh as it is meant to be."


Olio Nuovo heralds the new olive oil season. The first taste of the fresh new oil is a celebration, the moment the year’s hard work on the olive grove is realised. This is why we deliver our Olio Nuovo straight after the olive harvest, so you can enjoy it as fresh as if you were right there on the grove celebrating the annual harvest with your olive farmer.

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Olio Nuovo is the freshest extra virgin olive oil you can get with the iridescent green of the just crushed olives, a peppery kick and pleasantly bitter burst indicative of its freshness. It is bottled unfiltered straight after pressing so is extra virgin olive oil in its most raw and fresh state. This is why we love Olio Nuovo: it is a true and authentic extra virgin olive oil experience.


During the crushing and pressing of the olives in the mill little bits of olive flesh remain in the separated oil. The majority of oils are then filtered, removing this sediment by first letting it settle to the bottom of large casks for a few months then filtering before bottling the now clear oil. But for Olio Nuovo, the freshly pressed oil is bottled straight away unfiltered leaving this remaining olive sediment in the oil.

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It is this sediment left suspended in the oil which gives Olio Nuovo its characteristic cloudy appearance. The tastes and aromas are also enhanced giving Olio Nuovo its unique full and rustic flavour and distinct olivey taste.

taste your olio nuovo

For Italians the first tasting of Olio Nuovo is a deeply cultural experience. The pride and tradition of Olio Nuovo is to savour the taste of raw extra virgin olive oil just as it has been pressed. So enjoy this seasonal speciality as soon as possible, fresh the way it is meant to be.

Bruschetta 6

A traditional way to enjoy the unique flavours of Olio Nuovo is “bruschetta”.

  1. Slice the ciabatta into ½ inch slice and then grill or toast.
  2. Cut the end of a garlic cloves and rub across the ciabatta
  3. Sprinkle with a good pinch of salt flakes
  4. Generously drizzle over your fresh Olio Nuovo extra virgin olive oil

Buon Appetito! 


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