Nudo olive oil has branched out into the bakery world with London’s Crosstown doughnuts who have created this stunning lemon doughnut. Crosstown make signature, original concept sourdough doughnuts and this new flavour sits in their award-winning vegan range. The fresh handmade doughnuts are hand dipped in a glaze made with our agrumato Sicilian lemon oil. We make this oil using fresh whole Sicilian lemons crushed directly with the olives in the press. In this process, all the lemons’ flavours and essential oils are released and combine with the olives creating a flavoured oil which has a pure lemony flavour well balanced with the fresh olive oil. This made it perfect for the glaze as it has the pure lemony flavour needed to deliver a flavour pop in every bite. Then to top off the Italian spin, they sprinkle the doughnut with homemade candied Amalfi lemons.

Lemon oil doughnut

Our hearts burst with pride and joy whenever someone discovers our oil for the first time and gush over the flavours, so we were over the moon when Crosstown called to talk to us about our this. They have a from scratch mentality and only use ethically sourced top-quality ingredients for all their products. Crosstown are passionate about experimenting with different flavours; this same passion in Nudo bore our flavoured oil range. So, their ethos made for a heavenly match with Nudo (almost as heavenly as this doughnut looks). ⁠

Crosstown's vegan lemon doughnut with Nudo lemon oil

Crosstown doughnuts have locations around London and also deliver to your home or office. The Nudo community is worldwide so if you aren't in London to try this scrumptious treat, try these recipes using our lemon flavoured oil for you to try at home. Lemon oil baking recipes >

Nudo lemon flavoured oil 10
Try Nudo's agrumato Sicilian lemon flavoured olive oil

 Read more about how we make our lemon agrumato oil here.