Our Monovarietal extra virgin olive oil for 2020, delivering to our Completo olive tree parents in July. Learn more about this delicious oil below and to enjoy yourself Adopt an Olive Tree before July 1st.



The Coratina olive tree is a robust variety adaptable to different growing environments and conditions. It is happy in a variety of soils and climates as well as having good resistance to the cold, droughts and even pests. This hearty nature on top of the high-quality oil that the olives produce is probably why it is a proud favourite in its home region.

The name Coratina is coined from Corato, the variety’s town of origin situated near Bari in the southern region of Puglia and where we sourced these olives. The Coratina olive is the prevalent cultivar in the Protected Designation of Origin “Terra di Bari” and the prized extra virgin olive oil has come to be known as l’Oro di Corato, “the gold of Corato”. We hope you agree.

Puglia Sept18 311


Coratina is an olive variety with one of the highest levels of polyphenols, the antioxidants in extra virgin olive oil which makes it so good for you. The olives are large with a small pit so the Coratina trees tend to also have a high yield of oil each harvest. When the fruit hangs heavily from the branches and the tips start to turn black, the farmers know it is now time to start picking the olives for the perfect balance of quantity and quality of oil from the press.

It is these polyphenols which give Coratina extra virgin olive oil its renowned bitter and spicy notes, the indicative flavours of the antioxidants. The tastes are complimented by fruity notes and the fresh olive scents of freshly cut grass and bitter almonds.

Oil press Corrodini 18 87

tasting CORATINA

Being extracted from a single olive variety, monovarietal oils have the well defined flavour of the cultivar, so they are a great way to expand your tasting knowledge of extra virgin olive oil. The intense and vigorous character of Coratina extra virgin olive oil makes it a perfect match for equally strong dishes such as bruschetta, hearty soups and red meat.

Drizzle generously on top to compliment the robust flavours and see if you can pick out the tasting notes.

Bruschetta with hazelnut pesto and cherry tomato

Buon Appetito! 


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