Whilst many diet fads come and go the Mediterranean way of eating remains the one ‘diet’ medical experts and dietitians endorse without reservation. Olive oil is the common denominator of all Mediterranean cultures and the cornerstone of the Mediterranean way of life.

The Mediterranean way of life is widely acknowledged to be the healthiest in the world. It is a way of life centred around the recipes, ingredients and traditions of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

Here at the Olive Farm we love meeting our customers and our olive trees’ ‘adoptive parents’ when they come to visit. There are three things so many of our visitors and customers ask us:

Firstly ‘what exactly makes the Mediterranean way of life so widely recommended?’

Secondly ‘are the health benefits of Olive Oil really true?’

Thirdly ‘can you post more recipes showing us how to use our oil?’

In response to this feedback we are launching our new online ‘Olive Oil Recipe Book’.

Over the coming months, we will be posting delicious recipes using Nudo’s olive oil plus up to date research on the proven health benefits of olive oil and what we believe to be the essence of the Mediterranean way of life here at Nudo’s Olive Farm.