I cannot believe it was ten years ago now that my first delivery of extra virgin olive oil fresh from Nudo’s grove in Le Marche arrived at my home in London. I still remember how excited I was by the beautiful package that sat there on my kitchen counter and the exquisite oil full of the aromas of the grove.

I was one of Nudo’s first customers as it was around that time I was dreaming about an olive grove for my son Toby who is autistic. For all parents with an autistic son or daughter working out how their youngster will live when they leave school is probably one of the hardest challenges of their lives.

I was determined that Toby would live in the community and that he would do something real, something where he would contribute and be valued for who he is not something just made up to pass the time in a closed community behind closed doors.

This and Toby’s love of olive oil was what prompted us to invest in an Italian olive grove. You can read our story in the Olive Farm section of the website.

Katharine Jason Cathy

Jason and Cathy Gibb with their children having lunch with Katharine and Toby at the Ligurian olive farm.

I came across Nudo online, adopted a tree and became friends with founders Jason and Cathy Gibb…and, as they say, the rest is history.

Longtime customers will know that Jason and Cathy started Nudo’s adoption from their olive grove in Le Marche. Nudo’s was the first online olive tree adoption programme and whilst there are a few companies around that have tried to copy the formula, Nudo has always been unique.

What makes Nudo so unique?

Quite simply because Nudo’s owners have always been producers … we do not simply sit in an office and trade in olive oil like some other online companies who buy in and brand other people’s oil, we have our own groves and make our own oil of which we are hugely proud as well as working closely with all Nudo’s other producers across Italy.

This means when you buy Nudo’s oil you can be certain both of its provenance and quality. You are genuinely supporting micro producers who respect traditional farming methods and have an adversity towards damaging intensive practices.

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Nudo started as a life changing adventure for Jason and Cathy who having worked for some years in LA wanted to make a big life change to move to Italy to work on the land and to start a family. You can read their adventures in the Dolce Vita Diaries.

After ten years and with a growing family and diverging interests, Jason and Cathy wanted to move back to the UK but needed a producer to take over at the helm of Nudo … I was so delighted when they asked me if I would take on the role.

Of course like many small businesses which trade within Europe we are anxious about what the future holds after last month’s Brexit vote but we remain confident that whatever the outcome of the negotiations Nudo will continue to bring you the very best Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Nudo & Bestagno Farm Owner