If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram you might have seen that we have been working on some new products. We’ve been teasing you with photos of chocolate bars and chocolate spread made with mandarin, lemon and chilli olive oils. A small number of these ‘prototype samples’ have been sent out to Nudo customers who have gamely offered their services as ‘tasters’, with the promise that they’ll tell us what they think. So far the response has been a big thumbs up.

Choc Spread Iger 620

The nicest feedback was from Kim who said that the mandarin chocolate spread was like ‘kissing a cloud of citrus fruit’. The saddest feedback so far is from Sophie in London – we sent her a bar of dark chocolate with Nudo chilli olive oil, one of only 3 bars that existed in the whole world. Mysteriously, when the package arrived the chocolate bar was missing. So if you see a postman with a smudge of chocolate on his chin and a guilty look on his face, please let us know.