celebrating the wonderful women of nudo adopt

Today on International Women's Day we are celebrating the wonderful women of Nudo Adopt and their achievements in the extra virgin olive oil world.

Three of Nudo's six olive groves are run by women: Katharine, Francesca and Agnese. Three unique and inspiring women who are taking the world of extra virgin olive oil by storm by producing award-winning oil, restoring olive groves, and bringing modern twists to production whilst sharing their expert knowledge. Meet them here.


Katharine, Bestagno grove

Meet Katharine Doré, the director of Nudo Adopt and owner of Bestagno grove which she runs with her son Toby. They started life in Italy in 2014 when Katharine discovered that Toby, who is severely autistic, had a passion for extra virgin olive oil and thrived outside in the groves. She took on the feat of restoring the abandoned Bestagno olive grove, bringing it back to life to now produce award-winning extra virgin olive oil.

Find out more about Katharine and Bestagno grove here >


Francesca FM20 11

Meet Francesca Olive, the face behind Feudo Marchesa olive grove. Francesca returned home to regional Sicily from city life in Milan to get back to her roots and run the family grove. Her mission was to create the best oil around, as she says, "with a name like "Olive" what else could I do?!". Francesca combines traditional authentic methods with modern technology putting her at the forefront of extra virgin olive oil production.

Find out more about Francesca and Feudo Marchesa grove here >


Agnese, Nonno Tato

Agnese Graziano runs Nonno Tato grove in Sicily, a grove which sits on land passed down to her from her grandfather. Agnese has fond childhood memories of family time on the grove and this deep connection carries through to her production. She is passionate about organic practices and looking after the land for the future as well as the importance of quality and purity of extra virgin olive oil and will make no sacrifices with either.

Find out  more about Agnese and Nonno Tato here >

Adopt an olive tree
Adopt an Olive Tree from one of these wonderful women to support women in olive farming and receive the exception extra virgin olive oil they produce.