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The 2021/22 olive harvest & oil

The adverse weather conditions across Italy made 2021 a challenging year for olive farming leaving the farmers very worried about the development of their olives. 

Olive trees are very resilient to hot temperatures but the extremely hot and dry summer meant the groves suffered from the drought. Strong hot winds in spring blew blossom from the trees preventing the fruit from forming and the high temperatures and lack of rain hindered the growth of the remaining fruit. This photo shows how the olives can shrivel without enough water:

Nudo olive harvest 202122 2

Luckily, just in time, September and October brought essential rain which allowed the olives to develop properly on the trees. While the climatic conditions of the year will certainly mean a lower yield, the quality we are seeing is exceptional. We are so excited to share it with you through all.

Nudo olive harvest 2021/22
The first oil from the press from the 2021/22 harvest

Every extra virgin olive oil is different, affected by the cultivar, region and climatic conditions of the year. This is one of the things that makes exploring different oils so amazing; discovering the flavour variances. 


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All Nudo oils go through a qualitative and quantitative testing process to ensure they are of absolute top quality. Each oil has scientific testing to check the properties such as acidity level to ensure it exceeds expectations, they are then sent to our master miller Corrado to taste test and discover all the wonderful flavour properties. 

As we said, despite the challenging farming year the quality of the oil produced is fantastic, some even saying the "best they have ever produced". Here are the tasting notes and farmer's comments from each of the Nudo olive groves.

aleandri GROVE

 Aleandri harvest 18 19

Region:  Marche, Central Italy

Cultivar: A blended oil of Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolio, Maraiolo and Maurino varieties

Tasting notes: 
A medium oil that is lightly fruity with aromas reminiscent of olive leaf, artichoke and almonds and whiffs of fresh cut grass. You can taste the polyphenols in the pleasant bitterness and the spicy after sensation. 

A note from Tiziano....
“I always like to suggest using my oil with salads as you can use a lot of imagination and varying ingredients, and can enjoy the flavour dimensions in the raw oil.”


barone pastore grove

BP harvest 2020 4

Region:  Alcamo, Eastern Sicily

Cultivar: Cerasuola olive variety

Tasting notes:  
Harvested when they are still bright green, Barone Pastore oil is exceptionally high in antioxidant polyphenols. The scent and flavours of the oil reminds you of these fresh green olives, with a fantastic fragrant and mellow bitterness. Gentle and lively at the same time, this Barone Pastore oil is well balanced and suited to almost any cuisine.

A note from Saverio...
"This year's olive oil is one of the best for years. Healthy olives and no attack of olive fly or other pests have contributed to this top-quality olive oil. Please enjoy!"

nonno tato grove


Region:  Noto, South-Western Sicily

Cultivars: Carolea and Nocellara

Tasting notes:  
Despite the challenging weather conditions of the year which threatened the whole year’s production, this is one of the best oils Nonno Tato has produced in the last decade. The vegetal notes of this year’s oil are impressive and shine through more than the usual floral notes of the grove. So, this oil has a lovely well balanced bitter and spicy taste which lingers on the taste buds. Match with strong flavours to lift the oil even more or enjoy with fresh bread to taste the flavours on their own. 

A note from Agnese...
“I am particularly proud, because despite these bad seasonal conditions of a scorching hot summer and very heavy rain during the harvest, the final results are really amazing.”

il fico grove

IF harvest 2020 18 

Region:  Fico, Western Sicily

Cultivars: Cerasuola, Nocellara and Biancolilla olive varieties

Tasting notes:  
Harvested when the olives are yet to ripen, the polyphenol level is one of the highest you will find making it extra healthy. The fruity, bitter and spicy features of are in perfect balance making this oil a medium intensity and a delicious all-rounder. The fantastic fragrance will remind you of fresh olive leaves, green tomatoes and with secondary tones of artichoke and green almond. Match this oil with anything and you will be in extra virgin olive oil heaven.

A note from Nicola...
"The challenging weather of 2021 had no effect on the exceptional quality of oil we produced this year; I am particularly proud of the low acidity level and high polyphenol levels."

feudo marchesa GROVE


Region:  Siracusa, South-Western Sicily

Cultivars: Nocellara Etnea, Nocella del Belice and Cerasuola olive varieties

Tasting notes:  
This oil is wonderfully fruity with clear and intense herbal aromas wafting through, particularly of fresh grass and tomato. The polyphenols shine in this oil with the delicate bitterness and an enveloping spiciness of these antioxidants.

A note from Francesca...
“I am always left feeling so grateful after the harvest because of the fresh oil our land has gifted us. Also, for the hard work from everyone in the team, many of whom have been with us for 20 years, it is because of them we can produce our fruity green gold.”

leccino: bEstagno GROVE guest oil

The olive groves in Liguria had a devastating farming year and Bestagno grove was no different. While at stages the growth on the trees looked promising, the weather had the final word and terrible storms dropping every last olive from the trees before they could be harvested.

We worked with our master miller to source you a fantastic guest oil in place of your usual Taggiasca monovarietal from Bestagno. We hope you enjoy this Leccino monovarietal as much as we do; an oil with similar delicate properties as your tree’s Taggiasca oil, but also exciting and new for you to explore.

IMG 7733 Copy

Region:  Central Italy

Cultivar: Leccino

Tasting notes:  
The Leccino olive is harvested when it has half green and half ripe purple but when fully ripe it is a particularly striking deep purple-black colour. It doesn't produce as much oil as some other cultivars but it is popular for its lovely delicate and mildly fruity flavour. This Leccino oil is soft and sweet with an elegant bouquet of grassy aromas and hints of almond. The fruity aftertaste along with the high levels of polyphenols leaves a pleasant peppery sensation in the mouth. Enjoy with fish, fresh cheeses, and spicy foods as the delicacy of the oil enhances the flavours of complex dishes.



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