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Valentine's Day Gift

valentine day gift 2015

A perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

There is something undeniably romantic about the olive tree. It’s seen it all and survived. It is wise, calm, elegant, refined, knowing. And darned impressive on the lothario front - not many of us can manage fecundity at the ripe old age of a hundred. As such, what better symbol could there be for love, for marriage, for endurance through thick and thin, for loyalty in sickness and in health?

With Nudo you can adopt an olive tree and receive the harvest of oil from your tree – it’s the perfect Valentine’s day gift. We’ve had messages from people telling us how their child was conceived under an olive tree. Others have exchanged vows under an olive-laden bough. The message ‘Oilove you‘ crops up with surprising regularity in the giftcards we write for customers. And recently, we’ve noticed that there has been a mini epidemic of people choosing to seal their engagement with an olive tree as well as a kiss.

valentines day gift idea


Last year one olivey engagement was made between Oliver and Sue. It began when, as a surprise, Oliver adopted Sue an olive tree. The first Sue knew of anything unusual was when Oliver handed her a large envelope and got down on one knee. She looked at him quizzically as he told her to open the envelope – quickly, because his heart was beating off the scale. Inside she first saw an olive tree adoption certificate, made out to ‘My darling wife Sue’ with a large question mark.

A pretty booklet told her all about her tree and the adoption program and a little card told her all she needed to know about Oliver: inside it simply said ‘I love you. Will you marry me?’

Just say it with an olive tree.

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