This pesto was just voted ‘Editor’s Choice’ by Italia! Magazine. They said - ‘a glimpse at the ingredients is like a breath of fresh air – everything you’d expect from an authentic recipe. True, they've added cashew nuts to the mix, but we rather enjoyed its nutty addition to each mouthful. The remaining ingredients - Ligurian basil, extra virgin olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano and garlic - are well balanced and thoughtfully blended, producing a paste that could easily by enjoyed on its own, spread generously over crostini. The colour, too, is reassuringly vivid green, revealing the freshness of the products. Subtle and adaptable, we can see this becoming one of our cupboard favourites. VERDICT 5 STARS'.
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This pesto is as basily as Basil Fawlty and as nutty as the Nutty Professor. It’s packed full of wonderfully fragrant fresh Ligurian basil and a heavenly mix of pine nuts and cashew nuts.

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Mix in with pasta, serve it on fresh bruschetta or over a steaming risotto.
Nadia Rossetti
Like many artisanal producers, Nadia started making preserved vegetables in her kitchen for her own family to enjoy. But quicker than a twitter hashtag, word soon spread. Gradually, demand for her delicious condiments grew beyond the farmhouse, beyond the village and now we’re proud to say beyond even Italy. For Nadia, organic, seasonal production and a strict ‘no preservatives’ rule are fundamental, common sense principles. Each sundried tomato, artichoke heart and caper carries the warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze of the wind. Nadia’s job is just to hustle that little lot into a jar.
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