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Allergens: contains nuts.

Torrone with Almonds and Orange Honey 50% off

Torrone alle mandorle e miele d’arancio - classic torrone made in Siciliy with organic almonds and honey from the same orange grove.

Torronificio Trapani
Two hundred years ago Nonno Puddu, a renowned gelato maker in the baroque town of Giarratana, southern Sicily, was coerced by a Spanish invader into making his ‘turrón’ recipe. Invaders can be persuasive. The resulting almond-packed nougat was a triumph, and his torrone was soon so popular that he gave up his gelato business.
Puddu's recipe has been passed down the generations and today Zio Giuseppe works full time making the nougat. He is the only person trusted to delicately roll the warm nougat into the correct shape and thickness. The precise recipe is a well-guarded family secret but we can reveal that its deliciousness is mostly thanks to the high concentration of organic almonds and the honey from bees that pollinate the family’s orange grove.
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