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It’s a variety so prized that it has its own fan club ‘Associazone Il Piantone di Mogliano’ and is celebrated annually with its own festival ‘Sagra della bruschetta all’olio di Piantone di Mogliano’ (Feast of bruschetta with Piantone di Mogliano olive oil).

It is held in such high regard because on the one hand it is full of complex flavours, whilst at the same time it is wonderfully delicate.

Piantone di Mogliano - 40% OFF
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Olive trees have been growing around the medieval hill top village of Mogliano for about 2,400 years – long before there was even a town there. The most prized trees in this small area are those of a cultivar called ‘Piantone di Mogliano’.

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It’s ideal for fish, salads, vegetables and white meat.

Serve your fish with a simple herby sauce. Here are our favourites:
Salsa verde (olive oil, parsley, capers and garlic).
Chimmichurri (an Argentinian salsa verde with chillies & cumin).
Salmoriglio (lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, oregano and parsley).

Some ideas to make your chicken zing:
Marinate your chicken in olive oil, orange zest and rosemary.
Brush with a paste of garlic, thyme & wholegrain mustard.
Make grilled chicken kebabs – with olives, mushrooms and zucchini.
500ml / 16.9fl oz
Corrado Corradini
Corrado is an olive oil evangelist, and tireless experimenter. There aren’t many olive press barons who would be willing to experiment with making things like thyme or even chocolate olive oil, but Corrado thrives on innovation. He is also a workaholic, and has been known to notch up as many as three days without sleep during the height of the harvest season.
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