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Simmering the devils into the daily meal is believed to ward off diseases. We can’t quite promise eternal life, but we can promise that the Antonio family have put their heart and souls into making the perkiest, spiciest chillis that’ll ever have tickled your tastebuds.
Italian Chillies - 40% OFF
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In Calabria, these chillis are known as diavoletti rossi, little red devils, and you’ll soon see why. Every self-respecting Calabrian porch boasts a thread of hanging devils, basking and drying in the hot Mediterranean sun.

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Simmer in sauces to add some extra kick.
Agnese Gradanti
The roots of Agnese’s Sicilian business go back to the 1920s when her great grandfather first purchased a precious hectare of land. He worked so hard, growing cereals, fruit and vegetables, olives and almonds that he was honoured as a ‘Cavaliere del lavoro’ (a ‘Knight of work’) which is a title that frankly we’re rather jealous of. The family now have a sixty hectare farm, all of which is organic. Despite the increased size of their business, the production techniques have stayed much the same, as has the work ethic.
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