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As for the olives, we make sure we use late harvest ones which have a subtler flavour, allowing the lemons to burst through for their moment in the spotlight. This isn't like other flavoured oils where an extract is added later. In this, the lemon flavour is deep and fresh. The lemons and olives are truly joined at the pip.
The olives in our flavoured oils come from the village of Moscufo in Abruzzo. The village lies within the Apruntino-Pescarese DOP region, which means its production and authenticity is under strict legal controls. In fact this was the first ever DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) oil in Europe, so it pretty much wrote the rule book. The rule book here is pretty short; it just says ‘Leave it to nature’.

Olive Oil Stone Ground with Real Lemons

A real Nudo favourite. The moment our lemons are picked, they’re driven at breakneck spread from Sicily.

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Salad dressing, marinades, grilled fish, white meat and baking.
250ml/8.4 fl.oz
Corrado Corradini
Corrado is an olive oil evangelist, and tireless experimenter. There aren’t many olive press barons who would be willing to experiment with making things like thyme or even chocolate olive oil, but Corrado thrives on innovation. He is also a workaholic, and has been known to notch up as many as three days without sleep during the height of the harvest season.
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