Nudo Flavoured Olive Oil Set
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The greyest winter days stand no chance against these life-affirming rays of Nudo colour. Enjoy the freshly pressed goodness of lemon, mandarin, chilli, garlic, thyme and basil olive oil. Boring dinners be warned: your days are numbered.

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Liven up any breakfast, lunch, antipasti, snack or dinner with some delicious citrussy, herby or chilli inspiration.
6 x 250ml/8.4 fl.oz.
Corrado Corradini
Corrado is an olive oil evangelist, and tireless experimenter. There aren’t many olive press barons who would be willing to experiment with making things like thyme or even chocolate olive oil, but Corrado thrives on innovation. He is also a workaholic, and has been known to notch up as many as three days without sleep during the height of the harvest season.
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