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With their one year old daughter and Italian dictionary in tow, they found themselves in the middle of a European nowhere untouched by modernity. They were on a steep learning curve in more-or-less everything - how to prune an olive tree so that a sparrow can pass through its branches, learning what beauty products are de rigeur in the changing rooms of a local Italian football team, being trained, by a local Italian choir, how to sing in English but with an Italian accent - and learning the rigorous rules of when one is allowed to consume a cappuccino. Armed with their indefatigable love of food, they headed off many a potentially tricky situation by cooking their way out of it, a sure route to the heart of any Italian.
It's a hard slog and they meet every challenge with fortitude and humour but what they hadn't expected was that the biggest challenge would be the quiet of the countryside. Soon they find themselves hankering for the sounds and stench of the city and facing a difficult decision on what they should do next. 'The greatest escape since the Great Escape' Rose Prince

The Dolce Vita Diaries

In 2005, Cathy and Jason threw in successful careers as TV presenters and producers to become olive farmers in Italy.

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Nudo was set up in 2004 when Cathy and Jason, inspired by their love of the Italian countryside, bought an abandoned olive grove in Le Marche. Today they collaborate with a group of small scale, artisanal olive producers in Le Marche, Abruzzo and Sicily to produce 100% natural, high quality foods.
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