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But Will was ahead of us on this one and we decided to humour him. We crushed chocolate nibs together with our olives, and then drizzled the oil on some strawberries. Wow. We don't look at Will in a funny way anymore.

This is a truly unique olive oil; we take raw cocoa nibs and freshly picked olives and crush them together in the olive press. This method is known as the ‘agrumato’ method and is the optimal means of really blending together the flavours. It is also the method used for all Nudo's flavoured olive oils, from garlic to lemon to basil.

The olives are hand harvested in small groves around Loro Piceno in Le Marche on the east coast of Italy. The raw cocoa beans come predominately from West Africa.

Nudo has produced a very limited quantity of this special oil, available only online.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Stone Ground with Cocoa Nibs

Friend and award winning patissier, Will Torrent, asked whether we could make him a chocolate olive oil, we looked at him in a funny way. It's usually our job to suggest crazy olive oil experiments.

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Drizzle on desserts, meat or just experiment with this unique product
175 ml/5.8 fl oz
Corrado Corradini
Corrado is an olive oil evangelist, and tireless experimenter. There aren’t many olive press barons who would be willing to experiment with making things like thyme or even chocolate olive oil, but Corrado thrives on innovation. He is also a workaholic, and has been known to notch up as many as three days without sleep during the height of the harvest season.
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