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Adopt one of our Darjeeling tea
gardens for a year and you'll receive
the finest quality first flush loose leaf
tea straight from your garden. Taste the real thing:
fresh Darjeeling tea
for every season. ADOPT
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Choose one of the five organic tea gardens in our program, select the deliveries you would like to give or receive, and wait for your tea to arrive straight from your garden. And, of course, the feel-good glow of helping to preserve your very own, beautiful tea garden. ADOPT
Darjeeling - The Champagne of tea
Cool mountain winds blow over the snowy peaks of the Himalayas above, whilst the heat vibrates over the plains below. In between is the ideal micro-climate where Darjeeling tea has been grown for over 150 years. Due to its high quality Darjeeling is known as the champagne of tea, recently awarded the 'Protected Geographical Indication' status, until now reserved for only for European produce such as Champagne, Parmesan and Parma ham. Unfortunately the corruption persists and the customer can never be sure if they are getting genuine Darjeeling tea. Until now. Nudo has teamed up with local producers to restore deserted tea gardens, which were until now unsustainable, through its Adopt a Tea Garden program. Using biodynamic and organic farming practices, local farmers can now reopen those tea gardens, creating more jobs for the local tea pickers and growers and creating the opportunity for the younger generation to learn the skills that their families have practised for centuries. ADOPT
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Do I need to register my adoption to receive tea deliveries?
No. You only need to register your tea garden so that you can see a photograph of it. The gift purchaser has already given us an address to send the oil. If you want to change the address email us at with your tea garden code (example: NB0001) and new address.

What is the difference between the tea adoption as a gift and the tea garden adoption subscription?
The tea garden adoption subscription entitles you to a quarterly delivery of loose leaf tea from Nudo. If you choose to give the tea garden adoption as a gift instead, the gift recipient will receive an adoption pack, the spring delivery of loose leaf tea from their tree, and then any subsequent deliveries (summer, fall and winter) that you choose to include for them.

What will my recipient get to notify them of the gift?
Your recipient will receive an ‘adoption pack’; this includes a personalised adoption certificate with personalised message (if you want one) and an informational letter. The pack details all the goodies that they can look forward to. 
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you may think of.
Adopt an olive tree for yourself and receive…
This may be the easiest parenting decision you'll ever make.
You can even cancel at any time after your first delivery.