Some little things have changed along the way: the bakery has moved a few miles up the road, the flour is now delivered by truck instead of horse and cart, and just for us the bakers have replaced some of the butter in the original recipe with Nudo extra virgin olive oil. We’re sure Snr Scarpato would be smiling.

And he is not the only one.

The New York Times said it is the best one they'd tasted in years - 'moist, rich and aromatic'.

The Guardian said it has a 'wonderful tearable texture, moist crumb, perfect amount of fruit, lovely squidgy crust. Practically panettone perfection'.

Don't wait - this is a very limited edition run!
Olive Oil Panettone
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Snr Scarpato baked his first panettone in 1888, in a village called Legnano outside Verona. More than a century later, his same method is still used to hand bake these wonderful Christmas panettone.

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This panettone is big enough to share, but we think you might want to keep it all for yourself.
750 g / 1.65 lbs
I've tasted many Panettoni in my life, but none have ever come close to the velvety texture and authentic flavor of this delicious cake. Well done Nudo!
Best Panettone in the world!
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