Masiar’s Quest: Photographing ten thousand olive trees

Imagine the job ad: ‘Person needed to wander through idyllic Italian olive groves for days, possibly weeks.’ You’d be inundated, right? Who could argue with a job which offers a lunchtime panino under an olive tree?Masiar_Grove_72dpi_620px

But when your job is to photograph every single tree in the Nudo Adopt an olive tree program – yes all ten thousand of them – it’s not quite such a cushy number.

Taking on the challenge is Masiar, our friend, professional photographer and fast-track-to-professional cartographer. All the trees in the program have already been mapped, aged and their olive variety identified; Masiar, using the hand drawn Nudo maps, has to carefully match the mapped tree to the real life version. When he is sure he has a match, he invites them to have their portrait taken. (Some of them are right old divas). In some groves the lines of trees are perfectly straight and aligned, in others – well not so much. He has completed portraits of two complete groves’ worth of trees, but the snowy weather has temporarily halted work. His photo mapping mission will resume in the spring.


Although this seems a mammoth task fit for a lone Don Quixote-type, we’re happy to report that Masiar has enjoyed some support along the way. Farmers in the Nudo collective have been welcoming him with open arms, often peeking over his shoulder to approve each tree’s pose. He’s also had some keen companions in the form of his partner, Maddalena, and yours truly to help capture some of the more wily characters.


Follow Masiar’s progress by becoming a Nudo Italia Member and on our Facebook page.

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23 Responses to Masiar’s Quest: Photographing ten thousand olive trees

  1. What a cool job! i hope you have a ladder handy.

  2. Masier, my sister adopted a tree for me for Christmas! I can’t wait to see a picture of it!!! Great Job!!!!

  3. Masier, I understand the complexities of your work and wish you well in your pursuit. I am excited to see the picture of my tree.

  4. I’m excited to see the photo of my tree!

  5. I LOVE knowing that I have an adopted tree in my favorite country in the world! Can’t wait to see a picture of my tree!! Thank you to my good friend Jacey, for the perfect Christmas gift!

  6. Chris O'Connell :

    Our daughters adopted a tree for us for Christmas and we are very excited. Thank you for offering such a great gift.

  7. We’re anxious to see our tree as well and anxious to enjoy the olive oil – hope we can visit one day!

  8. Am having trouble placing an order for adopting a tree as a GIFT. Tried the phone number on your site and it’s discontinued. Please advise how to contact you to complete my order. Thanks

  9. We are still waiting to see our tree. This was a Christmas gift for our son and his wife. I hope there will be a picture of it soon.


  10. Cathy Congilose :

    The website is not so friendly, I have been trying to put our gift code in to see when our delivery is arriving, unable to find the location.

    • Hello Cathy, your Spring delivery is now on the way. It should arrive with you before the end of April. Please email Filipe at if you are experiencing technical errors with your account or tree profile.

  11. Hi – I’m looking forward to seeing a photo of my tree. It’s April and still no photo. Could you let everyone know when we can expect pictures? Thanks.

    • Hello Steve! We’re still waiting for better weather out in the groves. The past few weeks have still been cold, overcast and raining. I’m sure your tree will be much less camera shy come the warmers days. We’ll update you as soon as the new photos are up.

  12. Hi – would love to see a picture of tree our daughter adopted for us for Christmas – also, when can we expect to receive the spring delivery of the oil?


  13. Terttu and Tapio Myohanen :

    Hellow and kind regards from Finland. Our daughter and her husband have given us for Christmas Present tha adopted olive tree from Nina and Ivano Natali. Tree code is NA1095 and rehgistration code is DH4679. Can you, please help us, we could see the photo of the tree. Terttu Myohanen, Finland

  14. Kathie Cavallo :

    Just got my olive oil and I love it!!! One of the best I have ever used. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful adopt a tree program. I can’t wait to see a picture of my tree.

  15. we have bought a lot of olive oil over the years….Italian, Spanish, Greek, Californian, Australian, Mexican, Arizonan, North African….nothing yet has compared to Nudo for its fresh, complex taste…now, we get to see exactly where the oil comes from…not just the grove…THE TREE!!

  16. Love the oil…arrived last week!

  17. Deborah Tedesco :

    I have been waiting since Christmas to see a picture of the tree my daughter adopted as a gift for me but I am still waiting. I also am still waiting for my spring shipment, when will that arrive?

    • dolcevitadiaries :

      Hello Deborah – hopefully you have your oil now. The next grove we are photographing is Fiorano, then barone Pastore and Contrada Fico.

  18. When will you be photographing the Bonfigli grove? I would like to see my tree. It was a 2013 Christmas gift and I have just renewed the adoption, since I love the products so much.

  19. Wow! Mille Grazie Masiar! What a huge job, thank you for taking it on :-) ,

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