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Nudo is the proud producer of a range of high quality Italian artisan food products. This includes plain, organic and flavoured first cold-pressed extra virgin olive oils, sapa, antipasti, pastas and biscotti.
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  1. Hi!

    You asked people to write if they had lived in Italy. I lived and worked there for several months as a nanny to two little boys and can honestly say it was a time which gives me many beautiful memories. I loved it. Everything about Italy – the food, the people, the weather (why, even the rain seemed warm in those days), the scenery, the whole way of Italian life. I lived with a family, and I was included in family life and was privileged to see life through Italian eyes. We regularly visited restaurants off the beaten track and ate delicious food. Sometimes there would also be restaurants where you could dance in the open air, under the stars. Whole days were spent on the beach and in the evening we would barbeque on the sand, eating fish caught in the sea, and watching the sunset.

    It was a very, very beautiful time for me. I adore Italy.

  2. I write this whilst nibbling on homemade parmesan, garlic and thyme hearthbread soaked in your wonderful lemon oil (which my mum got me for my Christmas), along with the book…enjoying it immensely…and topped with pesto. I have done a post on my blog of our family (indoor!) picnic with the last episode of Dr. Who and Nudo oil! I’m glad I found your blog.

  3. Stumbled across your blog while searching for oil on yahoo. Read the first few posts and its fantastic! I have to tear myself away fromt he computer now, but will SO read more tonight!! : )

  4. Alice Lawless :

    Hi Julia
    I’m from Vancouver, BC and I ship my Nudo oil to Point Roberts, Washington, USA to save on shipping costs. Are you close to the border?

  5. Great stuff. I will have to link to you on my blog!

  6. Susie Haywood :

    I am eating low carb, so dinner tonight was chicken pieces cooked in your mandarin olive oil, then served up on lettuce and mayo, with the leftover oil drizzled over the top.

    Result? Food heaven!

    I hope you do jumbo sizes lol.

    Never lived in Italy but visited many times, and on dreary, cold London days it’s lovely to use your oils and remind myself of those sparkling sunshine days (and Italian food mmm).

  7. lifeinarecipe :

    Wonderful blog and the recipes looks so tasty…I will be back to catch up on all the past posts…so glad to have stumbled onto you!

  8. We recently spent a vacation in Italy and are so envious of you, living in such a beautiful country. We loved the food in Italy – so pure and fresh and not smothered in heavy sauces, like we find here in Canada.
    I adopted an olive tree for my husband and for my brother-in-law. Both have been enjoying the fruits of your labours. Our favorite is an arugula salad, with baby heritage tomatoes, and a simple dressing with lemon olive oil, vinegar, and herbs. The lemon oil is the best!
    If the shipping costs were cheaper, we would buy much more.

  9. My wife bought your book when we were in Italy last summer. We both read it, adopted a tree, and just received your oil. It is the best olive oil I’ve ever had. Congratulations. I just ordered a lot more.

  10. What a wonderful book and an honest portrayal of the hardships of moving to another country and starting a business! I purchased it in the Rome airport for my flight to NYC on Monday. I nearly finished it on the plane. I’ve been traveling to and from Italy about 3-4 times a year for the last 3 1/2 years and have been wanting to visit Le Marche for the longest time, but have yet to get there. I am considering adopting a tree just so that I will have a compelling reason to visit. My next trip will be in February 2011 for 10 days. If I’m lucky, I will finally convince my husband to make the drive from Sutri!

  11. Elizabeth Giammarco :

    I received my adopted tree as a Christmas present. I just love it. I will also be purchasing the lemon olive oil and others as well. I was so excited about the tree that I told everyone. Now — that seems to be the number one present for my friends and family. Even though we are Italian-Americans, we are deeply enamored and attached to our middle and northern Italian roots. Thank you for coming up with such a great idea for all of us wannabee countrymen and women :) .

    Dr. G

  12. Just received an olive tree adoption from my son Matt for Christmas. What a great gift! Can’t wait to see the progress and photos of my tree…not to mention the olive oil i will receive at the end of the year. Have visited Italy … Can’t wait to come back. Never felt so at home….I am Italian/American and loved it there. The people, the food, the scenery….just beautiful! Debbie xo

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