Olive tapenade wheel

If you’re lucky enough to be in Rome and fancy hanging out with a young crowd, you could do a lot worse than head to Cafe Del Teatro in Testaccio. Order up an aperitivo – something colourful like Campari – and sit in wonder as a huge plate of canapés arrives with your prosecco. They’re not really canapés of course since those are French; the Italian equivalent are called ‘stuzzichini’ or literally ‘little prodders’ (of the appetite). For anyone with a normal human appetite they do a lot more than prod. Don’t book a dinner reservation for afterwards.

Here are a stuzzichino which is guaranteed to prod your party guests into demanding the recipe from you.

Puff pastry – 250g
Black olive tapenade – 75g
Egg – beaten for brushing
Flour for dusting

On a floury surface roll out your pastry into a rectangle till it’s 2-3mm thick and roughly 30cm by 20 wide. Spoon out the tapenade evenly over the pastry leaving the top edge clear. Now roll up the pastry like a jam roll and use some egg on the clear upper edge to seal it. With dainty fingers carefully cut the roll into 1cm wide pieces and place in a baking tray lined with bake-o-glide. Cook at 220oC for about 14 minutes.

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