We'd like everyone to rediscover this stuff: try it instead of balsamic vinegar in salad dressings, pour it over oven roasted vegetables and meats, drizzle it on pecorino or parmesan cheese and even try it with ice cream and pannacotta. It's made from the must of grapes by our friend Silvano who shakes with excitement when he thinks about new people discovering his beloved sapa.
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Sapa is made from the must of grapes by our friend Silvano, who shakes with excitement at the thought of new people discovering his beloved sapa. We'd like everyone to rediscover it.

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Salad dressing, drizzled on roast vegetable or sharp cheeses. On strawberries or ice cream.
Silvano Buccolini
Had Silvano lived in a different time he would have been an alchemist. Or a wizard. His idea of heaven is experimenting with different flavours and textures and when he’s onto a new concoction there is a possessed look in his eye. With the support of his long-suffering family, he has gradually expanded to take over the house, the orchards, a few acres of fields next door and now a state of the art home factory-in-an-outhouse which turns out jams and condiments by the ladleful for your tasting pleasure.
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