Balsamic Vinegar of Modena
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Made from a unique recipe, the secrets and rituals that surround the production of this balsamic vinegar have been in the Dodi family for over a century.

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Splash over a salad, add flavour to a pasta sauce or use for dipping.
250ml/8.8 fl.oz
Acetaia Dodi
The history of the Dodi family business dates back to 1891 and a little town in Reggio Emilia where Carmelina Ligabue was born. On her birthday, her father, Anselmo, decided to make her some balsamic vinegar, which would be ready to use when she became a young woman. His unique recipe was passed to Carmelina as the family business grew. Today it is run by Dano Dodi, grandson of Carmelina, who personally watches over the balsamic vinegar, and cares for it like a child, decanting it, tasting it, correcting it, and constantly testing different procedures and flavours.
Hands down, the best balsamic I've ever had. Great flavor!
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