Capers in Olive Oil
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Preserved in olive oil rather than vinegar or salt, the whole caper and nothing but the caper. Oh and olive oil. Even erstwhile caper sceptics will be signing declarations of allegiance.

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Great in pasta sauces, on pizza or to jazz up a salad.
Nadia Rossetti
Like many artisanal producers, Nadia started making preserved vegetables in her kitchen for her own family to enjoy. But quicker than a twitter hashtag, word soon spread. Gradually, demand for her delicious condiments grew beyond the farmhouse, beyond the village and now we’re proud to say beyond even Italy. For Nadia, organic, seasonal production and a strict ‘no preservatives’ rule are fundamental, common sense principles. Each sundried tomato, artichoke heart and caper carries the warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze of the wind. Nadia’s job is just to hustle that little lot into a jar.
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